Travel & ARRIVAL


Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary

190 Walker Lane, Artemas PA 1721
(814) 784-3075


Check In

Gate Opening Times

  • Wednesday 2pm - Midnight
  • Thursday  10am - Midnight
  • Friday  10am - Midnight
  • Saturday  10am - Midnight
  • Sunday - Closed - Email for any issues

If you cannot arrive during gate opening times, you will need to sleep in your car until we reopen in the morning. 

Arrival Procedure

  • Have tickets & ID ready.
  • Park your car while you register, have ID checked, get ticket scanned, and obtain your wristband.
  • Get back in your vehicle to proceed to event parking.
  • Parking is $20 per car.  Please have cash in exact change ready to avoid creating traffic. You will have to pay this fee any time you leave property and return. 
  • Upon first arrival, you may unload directly at your camp site until 9PM. Unload only, and do not set up until you have returned your car to main parking.  You have 5 minutes to unload so you do not create traffic.

Are you on the East Coast or in the Midwest and looking to hitch a ride or have space in your vehicle? Check out our Rideshare sheet to coordinate with the other campers. This is a great way to meet people and assure everyone gets to camp safely and on time.


Closest Major Airports

IAD Washington Dulles - 2 hours
DCA Washington Reagan - 2.5 hours
MDT Harrisburg - 2.5 hours
BWI Baltimore - 2.5 hours
PIT Pittsburgh - 2.5 hours
PHL Philadelphia - 3.5 hours

Travel Times by Car

Washington, DC - 2.5 hours
Baltimore - 2.5 hours
Pittsburgh - 2.5 hours
Philadelphia - 3.5 hours
New York City - 5 hours
Cleveland - 5 hours
Columbus - 5.5 hours
Cincinnati - 7 hours
Toronto - 7.5 hours
Louisville - 8 hours
Boston - 8.5 hours