Queer Fam Fund

We introduced this initiative last year to further diversify our community, expand accessibility, and to share this weekend with those who may not have the means to attend without assistance. We are at our best when we are fully inclusive. Thanks to your contributions in 2019 we were able to sponsor fifteen members of our Queer Fam. This year we aim to double that number. The fund assists recipients with transportation, meals, lodging, and their facilities fee. The QFF is financed by three sources:

  • Ten dollars from every ticket sale
  • Donations during Check-out: When purchasing your ticket you will have the opportunity to make a contribution.
  • GoFundMe: to donate click here or use the GoFundMe widget on this page.

If you are interested in applying to the Queer Fam Fund more details about what is covered and how to apply are below:

What’s Included? / Where to Apply?

Travel Stipend

This will be used to help cover travel costs (bus ticket, portion of an airline ticket, gas money, etc.). We understand that everyone has different circumstances, we will try to accommodate everyone as best as possible.

Meal Plan

We are excited to partner with Kate Romane of Black Radish Catering for the third year. The Meal Plan is a healthy and delicious. It includes brunch and dinner, Thursday thru Sunday. Both meat and veggie options will be available; special diets are taken into consideration.

Camping Gear

Basic Camping Package from Outdoors Geek is provided which includes a two-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 sleeping pads. All tents and equipment are set up upon your arrival. Please note that camping gear is optional, you are more than welcome to use your own.

Facilities Fee

This fee, which all campers pay as part of their General Admission Ticket, is covered.