Queer Fam Fund

Queer Fam Fund (QFF) prioritizes the joy, inclusion, and communal care of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and people of trans experience at Honcho Campout.


Through fundraising and societal engagement, QFF reduces cultural and financial barriers that hinder our recipients from the festival experience. In turn, QFF seeks to impact culture-at-large by championing community and cultivating sacred bonds that expand beyond the festival.

The Queer Fam Fund, generously supported by donations and fundraising efforts, serves as a lifeline, removing financial barriers that might otherwise hinder the most marginalized members of our community from participating. Since its inception in 2018, QFF has proudly supported nearly 300 recipients, and we are excited to announce a new round of beneficiaries this August. The impact of this program on Campout has been profound, and with your support, we can further enrich the experience  with each passing year.

Aside from crowdfunding, QFF receives funding from a portion of each ticket sale, with $15 allocated towards it. Additionally, patrons have the option to make donations during checkout when purchasing Campout tickets, and we also organize fundraising events and sales to support the fund's initiatives.The application process for QFF 2024 launches on March 23th, 2024 and concludes on April 13th, 2024. If you are interested in applying to the Queer Fam Fund, more details about what is covered and how to apply are below:

Applications are now closed

You must complete an application if you are interested in attending Campout via QFF.  All entries must be submitted by April 13th, 2024  and if you are selected you will be notified by April 29th, 2024.

If you have previously attended campout as a QFF recipient, you are more than welcome to apply again. However, if you were a recipient for two consecutive years, (example 2022 and 2023) you are ineligible to apply again this year. If you have received the QFF scholarship twice, but not consecutively you may apply again.

Please also keep in mind that the QFF aims to offer opportunities to those who may struggle with the cost of attending. This program targets those for whom the combined costs of a ticket, meal plan, and time off from work render attendance economically impossible. This is a community-driven initiative and we must do our due diligence to ensure funds go where they are most needed. If you can afford a ticket please do not apply.

Every recipient must commit to attending the entire festival. Arrival is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th, with departure on Monday, August 19th. Please note that we cannot accommodate late arrivals or early departures before Sunday. Departures on Sunday must be approved by the QFF team, and you'll need to provide proof of a reliable ride home. We'll provide you with your schedule details as early as possible, allowing you ample time to request time off from work and make necessary arrangements.

QFF is financed entirely by crowdfunding efforts and donations. To become a donor, visit honchocampout.com/donate.

Direct Donations via Gofundme

Larger Tax-Deductible Donations via Fractured Atlas ($1,000+)

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What's Included

1. General Admission Ticket
Each recipient will have their general admission ticket waived.

2. Travel Stipend
This stipend is allocated to cover various travel expenses such as bus tickets, a portion of an airline ticket, gas money, and more. We understand that everyone's circumstances differ, and we strive to accommodate accordingly.

3. Meals
Our comprehensive meal plan includes dinner on Wednesday, brunch and dinner from Thursday to Sunday, and breakfast on Monday morning. We cater to diverse dietary needs with both meat and vegetarian options available.

4 .Camping Gear
Recipients will receive a basic camping package comprising a spacious tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. All tents and equipment are pre-set for recipients before their arrival. Alternatively, recipients are welcome to use their own camping gear if preferred.

5. Facilities Fee
The fee, which is part of the General Admission Ticket, is covered for all campers.

This program is a huge team effort by dozens of people to ensure the entire experience is as easy and smooth as possible. We all see the work we do as important and well worth the effort.


Honcho established the Queer Fam Fund (QFF) in 2018. Honcho co-founder Clark Price was inspired by a similar initiative started by the Gays Hate Techno festival north of San Francisco. The QFF was conceived as a donation-based fund specifically for helping people who may not have the means to get to Honcho Campout. The fund prioritized people of color and people of trans experience. In its inaugural year the QFF raised over $4K via GoFundMe and donations from attendees that were made during the checkout process. These contributions fully funded nine recipients tickets, transportation, food and lodging. 

Determined to further the success and influence of the Queer Fam Fund; Honcho committed to forming a dedicated QFF team and allocated ten dollars of every general admission ticket (and above) sold towards the initiative. Huny Young was an early collaborator and instrumental in diversifying recipients of the Queer Fam Fund.  She joined Clark Price as Co-Director, with Josh Bondi running Hospitality, and Shane Christian providing Administrative Support. Together this inaugural QFF Team grew the fund, raising over $17K and sponsoring twenty-eight recipients.

In 2021, post COVID, the Queer Fam Fund team grew to include eight staff members. They raised over $59K through the historical channels and the addition of a fundraising event and stream.  Fifty-two recipients were funded. In 2022 the team raised over $82K and funded fifty-seven recipients.

The Queer Fam Fund is an ever-evolving project. It’s an experiment not just in what it produces but in how it produces. In this spirit, the QFF team is a reflection of its recipients and also aims to teach what it does to other queer and trans people of color. The hope is that these efforts and skills can be passed on to queer folks in other places so that they may replicate and improve upon this initiative to make dance floors more equitable everywhere.