Queer Fam Fund

The success of Honcho Campout over the past few years compelled us to invest in new ways to ensure the event is as intersectional and diverse as the queer community at large. 

In 2018 the Queer Fam Fund (QFF), a fundraising and outreach program, was created to prioritize the marginalized and underrepresented, namely: black people, people of color, and trans and non-binary people. This philanthropic effort, subsidized entirely by donations and fundraisers, extends a free Campout experience to members of these communities so that they may enjoy the festival free of financial strain. QFF alleviates the cost of the Four Quarters camping fee, meals, camping gear, and travel. The ticket fee is also waived for recipients, which is Honcho's contribution to the fund. In its inaugural year, the goal was exceeded and every applicant, 22 in total, was invited to join the festivities. In 2019 we upped that number to 30, and in 2021, thanks to the generosity of donors, we doubled that number to 60!

QFF continues this year to further make good on its original goal: to ensure that Campout meaningfully serves the diversified queer community. Our 2022 goal is 70 recipients and we are very excited to continue expanding on what we’ve established.

The QFF is financed by three sources:

  • $15 from every ticket sale
  • Donations during Check-out: When purchasing your ticket you will have the opportunity to make a contribution.
  • GoFundMe: to donate click here or use the GoFundMe widget on this page.
  • Fundraising events

If you are interested in applying to the Queer Fam Fund more details about what is covered and how to apply are below:

What’s Included?

General Admission Ticket

The general admission ticket will be waived for each recipient.

Travel Stipend

This will be used to cover travel costs (bus ticket, portion of an airline ticket, gas money, etc.). We understand that everyone has different circumstances and we will try to accommodate as best as possible. We are currently researching charter bus services from a few major cities that will transport campers to Four Quarters; more information will be made available to recipients upon acceptance to the program.

Meal Plan

The meal plan includes brunch and dinner, Wednesday through Sunday. Both meat and veggie options will be available and special diets are taken into consideration.

Camping Gear

The Basic Camping Package from Outdoors Geek is provided which includes a two-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 sleeping pads. All tents and equipment are set up for recipients prior to their arrival. Recipients are also welcome to use their camping gear if they choose to.

Facilities Fee

This fee, which all campers pay as part of their General Admission Ticket, is covered.

You must complete an application if you are interested in attending Campout via QFF. The identity of those who are selected will be kept confidential. All entries must be submitted by April 15th and if you are selected you will be notified by May 1, 2022. If you have previously attended campout as a one-time QFF recipient, you are more than welcome to apply again. If you are a two-time QFF’er, you are ineligible to apply again this year.

The arrival date for Campout will be Wednesday, August 17 and departure will occur on Monday, August 22nd. If you are accepted into the program, attendance for the entire festival is required. 
Full vaccinations plus a booster will be required to attend Campout. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we can only accept people located in the United States again this year. 
Only one entry per person please!


Meet the QFF team

The team is comprised of 7 incredibly hardworking members of the queer community; each bringing our own unique personalities, experiences, and skills to the table.

The following members will be reviewing applications for admission: Clark Price, huny young, Stephanie Tsong, Joshua Orange, Remy Black, and Sonali Fernando. Your application is considered confidential and will never be shared beyond our team or publicly divulged.

Photo of Clark Price

Clark Price

Pittsburgh, PA

A Pittsburgh native, Clark is a founding member of the Honcho crew, promoting and and DJing nightlife events locally and across the globe. Holding space and serving for the LGBTQ+ community and sharing his love of dance music.

Why are you a part of QFF?

As a director for the QFF, my goal has always been to expand access for black people, people of color, and trans and non-binary people. The Honcho Summer Campout is an incredibly liberating and fulfilling event to build. The ability to help others share that experience has been a personal highlight as a promoter. I see this program as an important commitment to broad inclusivity and creating a safe, welcoming environment for the most vulnerable in our community. Iseeks to not only enrich the campout experience, but to also facilitate an important dialogue among the dance music community outside the bounds of campout.

Photo of huny young

huny young

Pittsburgh, PA by way of New York, NY

sarah huny young is a photographer, DJ, and event producer primarily documenting, exalting, and soundtracking Black womanhood and BIPOC queer communities through portraiture, video, and sound. She is currently a 2021 Sibyls Shrine resident artist, a "Marking this Moment" artist fellow via Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and a recipient of the "Best in Pittsburgh" award for co-founding the Pittsburgh Artists Emergency Fund to financially assist gig workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why are you a part of QFF?

Anywhere I go, I'm taking Black women and femmes with me, and I turned down opportunities to attend Campout until 2019 when I could do just that. As the co-director of QFF, it's my paramount mission to create a Campout community as diverse and intersectional as the queer community at large. That can only be done by prioritizing Black people, people of color, trans, and non binary people and directly addressing the financial and societal disparities that make events like these far less accessible to the marginalized and intersectional.

Photo of Stephanie Tsong

Stephanie Tsong

Pittsburgh, PA

Stephanie ("Formosa", "Steph") Tsong connects art, music, and community with a welcoming hand and heart. Jellyfish resident and lifetime DIY supporter of artists and venues, their unabashed pursuit of creative expression without limits and a quest for intersectionality has brought them to the world of underground dance music.

Why are you a part of QFF?

As someone raised in the gay clubs of 90's Washington, DC, I owe a lot of who I am to the queer nightlife scene that provided a home for me between adolescence and adulthood. It feels like my karmic duty to help provide other queer black and brown youths the opportunity to
experience the liberation of music and dance within a warm and supportive community.

Photo of Sonali Fernando

Sonali Fernando

New Orleans, LA

I am a first generation Sri-Lankan American raised in the American South - 18 years in Garland, Texas and 19 years in New Orleans, the real LA. I have worked in a variety of capacities including as a brand director, restaurant owner, music booker, cultural arts educator, marketing manager and performer. I am deeply driven by community, music, and creating a more just world. I believe that only begins when we center blackness.

Why are you a part of QFF?

The QFF and Campout provided healing for wounds of which I was unaware, specifically as it relates to gender and race. Both the physical and emotional space provided at Campout allowed me to address long held trauma. I would like to see others have the opportunity to experience that.

Photo of Josh Bondi

Josh Bondi

Pittsburgh, PA

My name is Josh Bondi. I am a gender fluid person living in Pittsburgh, PA, and I insist that I contain multitudes. I am a performance artist/nightlife promoter by the name of Pissy Mattress, a service industry vet, and guardian/cheerleader of queers. As someone who found their identity through the love and compassion present in pockets of queer nightlife, creating equitable ways for folks to be welcomed into those pockets is of the upmost importance.

Why are you a part of QFF?

Knowing how important it was for folks to feel comfortable and taken care of in an environment that can often times feel intimidating and alien even to myself, I felt it was my job to help those new to camp feel taken care of.I cannot wait to meet you, dance with you, laugh with you, and turn your weekend in the woods all the way out. If you ever find yourself in need of a breather or an ear, let's take a walk. I am here to listen. And I usually know where the snacks are.

Photo of Remy Black

Remy Black

Idyll Dandy Arts; Dowelltown, TN

Remy Black is a highly melanated, vocal Black trans woman and self-professed genius descended from enslaved Africans brought to suffer under a patriarchal institution that she is determined to subvert through radical self love and unabashed transexual deviance.

Why are you a part of QFF?

Remy is a returning member of the Queer Fam Fund, as one of 2019’s recipients. She considers herself privileged to have been able to enjoy the experience of solidarity and creating sacred space with queers who share similar experiences of marginalization. Queer people of color and trans individuals have so much to gain from and offer to an experience like this and Remy is proud to be able to work with a team that is just as dedicated to the mission of uplifting the most marginalized among us and building lasting  memories.

Photo of Joshua Orange

Joshua Orange

Pittsburgh, PA

Joshua Niko Orange is an artist and a policyworker. His work spans across a broad range of mediums and fields, and is primarily focused around sublimating joy into viable systemic/organizational growth. Joshua wants to see a world where everyone has the luxury of forgetting themselves on the dance floor for a while — and is determined to do everything in his power to make it happen.

Why are you a part of QFF?

I believe that the joys of dancing and community are a birthright. Getting through it & going through it can get the best of us — it’s important to remember joy as a means and an end to liberation;  bliss is, in its own right, an act of rebellion. The more I learn, and the more capable I become, the more I realize the depth of my responsibility to our communities. If we don’t make the effort to include people then our complacency will only contribute to exclusion. We have to clear the path to more equitable horizons.