Meet the QFF Team

The Queer Fam Fund team is composed of incredibly hard working members of the queer community; each bringing our own unique skills, personalities, and experiences to the table. Building out QFF every year begins seven months before Campout, so to say we’re deeply invested in the success of this program is an understatement. Get to know a bit more about us:

Leadership & Selection Committee

Clark Price (he/him)

Communications Lead, Selection Committee
Pittsburgh, PA

A Pittsburgh native, Clark Price is a founding member of Honcho. He has promoted and DJed nightlife events locally and across the globe - holding space and serving the LGBTQ+ community and sharing his love of dance music. In addition to contributing to global queer nightlife, Clark has been a web designer and front end developer with a focus in marketing products and growing businesses for 14+ years.

Why are you a part of QFF?

“As a member of the QFF, my goal has always been to expand access for black people, people of color, and trans and non-binary people. The Honcho Summer Campout is an incredibly liberating and fulfilling event to build. The ability to help others share that experience has been a personal highlight as a promoter. I see this program as an important commitment to broad inclusivity and creating a safe, welcoming environment for the most vulnerable in our community. I seek to not only enrich the Campout experience, but to also facilitate an important dialogue among the dance music community outside the bounds of Honcho Campout.

huny young (she/they)

Experience Lead, Selection Committee
Pittsburgh, PA

sarah huny young is a DJ, event producer, and visual artist. She primarily soundtracks, documents, and exalts Black womanhood and BIPOC queer communities through portraiture, documentary, and sound. huny was named Person of the Year in Music by Pittsburgh City Paper in 2021, one of the "Best in Pittsburgh'' for co-founding the Pittsburgh Artists Emergency Fund in 2020, frequently exhibits work championing Black queerness in galleries and museums, and heads Mostbeautifullest, a nightlife collective creating overtly welcoming spaces for intersectional Blackness in Pittsburgh, PA.

Why are you a part of QFF?

“Anywhere I go, I'm taking Black women and Black queer and trans people with me. I turned down opportunities to attend Campout until 2019 when I could do just that. It's my paramount mission to create a Campout community as diverse and intersectional as the queer community I consider family around the country. That can only be done by prioritizing Black people, people of color, trans, and non binary people and directly addressing the financial and societal disparities that make events like these far less accessible to marginalized communities. We’re going to change nightlife and festival culture as a whole.”

Sonali Fernando

Fundraising Lead, Selection Committee
New Orleans, LA

Sonali Fernando is a first generation Sri-Lankan American raised in the American South - 18 years in Garland, Texas and 22 years in New Orleans, the real LA. She has worked in a variety of capacities including as a brand director, restaurant owner, music booker, cultural arts educator, marketing manager and performer. Currently, she works as the Operations Director for a small but mighty Community Economic Development non-profit. 

She is deeply driven by community, music, and creating a more just world and believes that only begins when we first center Black people. 

Why are you a part of QFF?

“I first attended Honcho Campout in 2019. Queer Fam Fund and Campout provided healing for wounds of which I was unaware, specifically as it relates to gender and race. Both the physical and emotional space provided at Campout allowed me to address long-held trauma. Being able to reshape my relationship to nature, experience it with fellow queer people of color and truly center joy for myself and others was honestly a revolutionary act. QFF is a revolutionary act. I want to see other QTBIPOC experience this for themselves. And also - top tier music, visuals, and programming. The vibes are immaculate. ”

Joshua Bondi (he/they/she)

Hospitality Lead
Pittsburgh, PA

Josh Bondi is a queer performance artist and event producer living in Pittsburgh, PA, and insists that they contain multitudes. On stage they operate under the alias Pissy. They are a service industry vet and guardian and cheerleader of all queers. As someone who found their identity and community in exuberant queer nightlife, after hours, and dancefloors, creating opportunities for folks to engage authentically with those spaces is a personal mission for them. They wish for folks to not only feel they have access to these spaces but feel that they can be their most free and sexiest selves.

Why are you a part of QFF?

I have been working for Honcho Campout since 2017 when it first moved to its home at Four Quarters Farm. I was helping to manage the Front Gate when QFF was at its origin. There were only 10 or so recipients and when they arrived, I received them, got them safely set up, and tried to offer everything I could to make them feel at home. That is hospitality. From the first moment of involvement with what would become the much larger and even more intention-driven program that it is today, I knew QFF was how I wanted to contribute my skills to Honcho Campout. It was and remains so important to me that folks feel comfortable and taken care of in an environment that can oftentimes feel intimidating and alien (even to me). Those intimidating factors could be that we’re in the middle of the mother-fucking woods or that occasionally overwhelming nature of the non-stop rave. I feel very at home contributing to ensuring that QFF recipients are set up for success. Honcho Campout is a beautiful escape from the world. It’s a crazy, flashy, exquisite queer paradise in the woods and I cannot wait for you to experience it.

Arewà Basit (she/they)

Selection Committee, Buddy
Brooklyn, NY

Arewà is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, producer, actor, and story-teller. They made their television debut in MTV’s first queer dating show Are You The One. She is a co-founder of Legacy, a production company focused on providing resources to artists systematically excluded from —and exploited by—media and the arts. In 2023, Arewà Basit performed their original music at Copenhagen Winter Pride, TLDEF 20th Anniversary Celebration, The LGBTQ Center’s Juneteenth Block Party, Bob The Drag Queen’s EP release (and was also featured on Bob song “BLACK” along ft. Ocean Kelly), and headlined TRANSMISSION, NYC’s first all trans music festival. In April 2024 Arewà performed their music in First Saturdays at The Brooklyn Museum curated by LEGACY.

Why are you a part of QFF?

I have had the privilege of being a part of the QFF Family for three years, two as a recipient, and once as a QFF buddy. As a member of the QFF team my goal is to provide a safe space to those who are often not afforded peace and the privilege to live openly, loud, and proud in their truth. Campout is always a highlight of my summer, because there is something intrinsically healing about connecting to nature while being surrounded by queer community, artists, and amazing music that it will cause you to dance involuntarily. The QFF program provides opportunity to those who may not be able to attend due to financial circumstances, whilst simultaneously enriching the experiences of everyone who attends. QFF is the secret sauce that makes Honcho Campout absolutely delicious.

Moya Graves (she/her)

Selection Committee
Columbus, OH

Moya is a multidisciplinary artist and producer with a deep understanding of high octane club sounds connecting the dots across multiple scenes and mediums from all over the world.

Why are you a part of QFF?

There is a lot of love in the space that has kept me and it is an honor to get to help extend that love out to others.


The QFF Buddies Team serves as the primary point of contact for each recipient, ensuring clear communication before, during, and after the festival. They address any questions and help set expectations to prepare everyone for the week.

Upon arrival, Buddies shift focus to on-site support, managing logistics for both arrival and departure, and conducting regular check-ins to enhance each recipient's experience throughout the festival.

Buddies are hired from past QFF recipients, leveraging their personal experiences at Campout to guide and reassure newcomers. This approach not only enriches the support provided but also provides a pathway for recipients to advance into management roles within the festival, promoting a sense of long-term engagement.

Arewà Basit

‍Brooklyn, NY

Ari Hooks

‍Brooklyn, NY

Blaize Sanford

‍Brooklyn, NY

Garrett Allen

Brooklyn, NY

GeGe Powell

Pittsburgh, PA

Samora la Perdida

New York, NY