August 17-20, 2023

Four Quarters – Artemas, PA

2024 Tickets on Sale Now

Donor Plus, Donor, and Meal Plans available now. GA & Reserved tickets are sold out, but you can now join their waitlists. Wednesday Arrival Passes, Glamping, and Bus Tickets available June 6.

Pre-Shop Glamping NOW

Learn about Glamping before it goes on sale at 3pm ET, June 6. Camping Gear Rentals are postponed for now.

Wednesday Arrival, Bus Tickets & Parking

Everything you need to know before these go on sale at 3pm ET, June 6.

Donate to the Queer Fam Fund

Queer Fam Fund is off and running, but this important needs your help! It takes a huge financial lift to make this program a success, and we've got a ways to go. Can you donate?

Honcho Campout is a queer gathering in nature that celebrates those doing the heavy lifting in their local scenes.

Our goal is to promote radical acceptance and create space for self discovery, while giving artists a platform to share their work and talents. In doing so we aim to connect people and communities; strengthening the global queer network. Our values are freedom of self expression, inclusivity, and excellence.