August 17-22, 2022

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What is Honcho Campout?

We are an intimate festival deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, devoted to independent music. We host artists that are doing the heavy lifting for their own queer communities around the globe, through their own record labels, parties, and activism. The festival is the product of nearly 300 people each year, organized and hosted without corporate sponsorship.

We make our home at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, a stunningly beautiful and raw natural space. We trade pools and jacuzzis for a crystal clear swimming hole, pagan stone circles and towering forest canopy. There are no cabins here, but we make it easy with lots of camping options for any budget, and a farm-to-table meal plan from the award-winning (and queer) Black Radish Kitchen in Pittsburgh. Yes, there are real showers. Answers to most of your other questions can be found in the FAQs.

Campers swimming at Hemlock Hole.