We've released our 2022 map! We realize tent camping may be new for some. Don't sweat. We were new to it too. All campsites are first come, first served. You will be given a map highlighting available camping sites. If you are car camping, you will be placed at Hilltop Camp just inside the main gate. Traditional campers can place themselves anywhere on site, other than the Great Meadow in new camp.

Campsites do not have electricity, so come prepared for that. There is plenty of clean drinking water on site. We suggest bringing jugs to fill from the taps, which are easily found in all parts of camp. Bottled water creates trash. Remember, the only trash is you.

Tents in a forestGlamping Tents at Campout

Gear Rental

If you don’t own camping gear or can’t travel with yours, an affordable option is booking a Netflix-style camping package rental from our friends at Outdoors Geek. You can have them shipped directly to Four Quarters, where they’ll be waiting for you at check-in. After camp, pack it back up and leave it with the front gate to be shipped back.

Check out rental options here

Shipping direct to Four Quarters? Please address your label like this:

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
c/o Honcho / Your Full Name / Arrival Day
190 Walker Ln
Artemas, PA 17211



Like meal plans, we’ve also overhauled what Glamping looks like for 2022. This year, campsites will be spread out across the property, creating clusters in a variety of locations. There will be more space between tents, and unique benefits to each different area. You’ll be able to choose which one makes the most sense for you and your friends, first come, first served. 

We’ve created a map and outlined the details of each location so you can figure out what’s best for you. Head to for the details.

Please note that glamping packages do not include tickets. General Admission tickets and meal plans are all separate purchases.


Four Quarters now has a limited number of shady, graveled RV berths with 30amp RV power drops. Water is nearby, but can not be hooked up. These are $250 each, made by reservation only through the Four Quarters office at 814-784-3080. Sunny RV parking areas, without power or water, are available in The Hill-Top parking area. They are $150 each, by reservation only through the Four Quarters office at 814-784-3080.

Survival Guide

Some useful tips for campers of all experience levels:


  • Headlamp / Lantern / Flashlight + Extra Batteries
  • Reusable Water Bottle / Canteen / Camelbak
  • Garbage Bags (Once again, we are a 100% leave no trace event)
  • Car keys (extra set)
  • Phone + Charging Cables + External Battery
  • ID / Health Insurance Card / AAA card
  • Credit / Debit cards for Cashless RFID. If you need to put cash on your wristband, you must do it at the front gate during check-in.
  • Tickets or printed email confirmation
  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination including 1x booster shot.
  • Map or directions to venue (cell reception is not reliable)
  • Sneakers / Hiking Boots / Sandals / Water Shoes (shower / swimming hole)
  • 2x the amount of socks you think you will need
  • 2x the amount of underwear you think you will need
  • Light jacket / Hoodie
  • Poncho / Rain jacket
  • 1-2 Long sleeve shirts + Pants

Health & Wellness

  • Stay hydrated and to eat regularly.
  • Rest up when you’re feeling exhausted. The party will still be there when you get up, don't break yourself.
  • Wellness Tent should be your first stop if you are not feeling well or have a medical concern. If you are unable to walk or need assistance ask a friend to locate a staff member and we will assist you.
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • Essential medications, Ibuprofen, Antacids, (Multi)Vitamins, and 5-HTP
  • Ziploc / Shopping bags (trash, cigarette butts, wet / muddy clothes, etc….)
  • Ear plugs
  • Sunscreen & Bug spray
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, and  Soap (+ Dr. Bronners is a good multi purpose soap)
  • Toothbrush + Toothpaste
  • Extra contact lenses + solution + glasses
  • Umbrellas / Hats (rain and shine)
  • Sunglasses (leave your expensive sunglasses in the car or at home)


  • Tent (practice setting up prior to camp – know your gear – just in case you have to set-up in the dark, rain, etc…)
  • Canopy / Tarp(s) for additional shelter and shade, or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking.
  • Plastic Bins (keep clean and dry – we highly recommend you pack all food, clothing, and supplies in bins vs. soft case or duffle bags)
  • Air mattress or Bedroll + air pump that takes batteries, not plugs in. (A patch kit is also helpful)
  • Sleeping Bag, Bedding, and Pillows
  • Headlamp with red light setting / Lantern / Flashlight / Extra Batteries
  • Camp Chairs / Table / Cooler
  • Camp Deco – Get creative queens!
  • Extra light source (solar lights are great and can be very cheap)
  • Use flags, neon rope, lights, or other methods to identify your tent's lines and stakes. Don't create a tripping hazard.

Cooking & Eating

  • Small Camping Stove / Grill, or borrow a fire ring from Four Quarters.
  • Extra gas canisters, fuel, or charcoal
  • Biodegradable Hand / Dish soap (+ Dr. Bronners is a good multi purpose soap)
  • Sanitizer & hand wipes
  • Travel Mug (hot drinks)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (cold drinks) (+ drinking water is available at spigots)
  • Drinks with electrolytes: coconut water, Gatorade, etc….
  • Individually packaged snacks: nuts, fruit, bars, etc…

Things To Leave In Your Vehicle

  • ID (after check-in)
  • Wallet (hang on to your preferred credit or debit card)
  • House keys
  • Phone Charger
  • Expensive Sunglasses
  • Clean change of clothes, fresh socks, cash for tolls, and a few granola bars for the ride home.
People sitting around a camp fire at night