All campsites are first come first served. You will be given a map with options marked. If you are car camping or using an RV, you will be placed at Hilltop Camp just inside the main gate. Anyone else is free to move further into the camp grounds. Campsites do not have electricity, so come prepared for that. There is plenty of super clean, spring fed drinking water on site. We suggest bringing jugs to fill from the spigots, which are easily found in all parts of camp. Bottled water creates trash. Remember, the only trash is you. 

Are you bringing an RV? Cool. First, you must call Four Quarters' Office at 814-784-3080 and pay a $25 RV fee. Also, be aware that electric, water, and sewage hookups will not be available for 2017. Water sources are found nearby, but stock up. RVs with generators and storage tanks are the way to go (extra gas will help you here). 

Want to go above and beyond in comfort, but don't want to shell out for an RV? Glamping packages are available for rent on the internet for a fraction of the price, and they ship to you. You can also have them sent to Four Quarters Farm, where they'll be waiting for you at check-in. Two good websites for this are and

If you are shipping straight to Four Quarters, please set your shipping like this:
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
c/o Honcho (Your Name - Day of Arrival)
190 Walker Ln
Artemas, PA 17211

This is a 100% Leave No Trace Event
We must respect Four Quarters Farm and keep this clean. NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF TRASH SHOULD EVER HIT THE GROUND. All attendees are responsible for carrying their trash with them until it can be thrown away at their sites or at the stages. This includes cigarette butts. Anyone caught flicking cigarette butts will be punished, and is risking future use of the venue for us. Don't be slobs. Keep it clean. Use your pockets. Or get a cigarette holder
Remember, the only trash is you. 

Survival Guide

Some useful tips for campers of all experience levels:


  • Flashlight 
  • Canteen / Camelbak / Reusable cup 
  • Garbage Bags (Once again, we are a 100% leave no trace event) 
  • Extra set of car keys
  • Phone + Wall & Car Charger + Power brick for charging
  • ID + Backup ID
  • Cash – more than you think you will need 
  • Credit card/debit card
  • Proof of health insurance/AAA card 
  • Tickets or printed email confirmation 
  • Map or directions to venue 
  • Prescriptions
  • Watch (keep track of timeslots!) 

Keep in your car: 

  • ID
  • Wallet 
  • House keys 
  • Jumper cables 
  • Leave yourself a clean change of clothes, fresh socks, a little bit of cash for tolls and a couple of granola bars in your car for the ride home.

Camping Ideas:

Private Showers

Private Showers

  • Tent (set it up beforehand to get familiar with how to set it up, just in case you have to in the dark) 
  • Sleeping bag or bedroll plus sleeping mat
  • Pillows 
  • Air mattress or bedroll (tip: don’t forget your Airpump and extra batteries! Bonus if your remember a patch kit in case you spring a leak) 
  • Tarp(s) for shade and/or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking 
  • Extra tent stakes 
  • Luggage or locker lock for your tent (better safe than sorry) 
  • Canopy (tip: put your tent underneath for additional shelter and shade) 
  • Chairs and/or rugs for sitting (tip: put a tarp underneath) 
  • Fold-out table
  • Camp deco! Tapestries, fabric, lanterns, etc.
  • Extra light source (solar lights are great and can be very cheap) 

Use flags, neon rope, lights, or other methods to identify tent lines and stakes. Always keep your car keys in the same place – whether it is a pocket in your tent or in your bag, but keep track of them! Identify nearest restrooms to your tent during daylight.

Survive and Thrive

  • first aid kit – Ibprofen, Antiacids, Bandaids for blisters, Neosporin 
  • essential medications 
  • vitamins + multivitamins 
  • 5-HTP 
  • Emergen-c or Airborne 
  • Grocery bags + large and small Ziploc bags – (these items take up almost no weight or space and have many uses, from dirty clothes to trash) 
  • Ear plugs
  • Bug spray 
  • Shower kit 
  • Lotion / massage oils 
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste 
  • Extra biodegradable toilet paper 
  • Extra contact lenses + contact solution + glasses 
  • Umbrellas or Hats for rain and sun 
  • Sunglasses (Don’t bring your best pair, and keep backups) 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sandwich bags for cigarette butts
  • Campout map and program.
  • Camp flag or other identifying markers 
  • Headlamp and/or several backup ways to see in the dark 

Cooking & Eating

  • Small camping stove, small grill or borrow a fire ring from Four Quarters. Here is a tutorial to make a charcoal grill for $2 out of materials from a dollar tree.
  • Extra gas canisters, fuel or charcoal 
  • Biodegradable hand and dish soap (tip: Dr. Bronners soap cleans dishes, bodies, and teeth too!) 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Wet wipes 
  • Reusable hot mug for coffee (tip: delicious coffee is sold on the grounds at the Four Quarters Cafe) 
  • Reusable cold mug for drinks (tip: drinking water is available at spigots) 
  • Reusable camping equipment (tip: figure out what kind of food you will be cooking / bringing and make sure you have the necessary equipment to prepare it) 
  • Flask 

Food + drinks

  • Black Radish Kitchen will have a snack bar set up during daytime hours outside of the kitchen, across from the Black Radish Dining Pavillion. 
  • Drinks with electrolytes: coconut water, smart water, Gatorade. 
  • Citrus: high levels of vitamin c will help keep you healthy amongst the large festival crowds. Grapefruit and orange slices make a refreshing and delicious snack, but if you’re looking to bring on the electrolyte power, bring on the lemons. Squeezing some into your water will give that extra boost to keep you going 
  • Portable snacks: nuts, chips, berries, granola bars, bananas 
  • Protip: Sandwich for the first day – make one yourself or grab from a deli, you can eat half for lunch, half when you get hungry later, and not have to think about food the whole first day.
  • Tin foil dinners: an ideal dinner if you don’t want to spend much time cooking, yet want to serve a meal that’s wholesome and satisfying. Great way to grill veggies. The best part? No dishes to wash up!

Body Gear

  • Sturdy, comfy, closed-toe shoes
  • Sandals for shower and swimming hole
  • 2X the amount of socks you think you will need 
  • 2X the amount of underwear you think you will need 
  • Speedo
  • Light jacket or hoodie
  • Poncho / rain jacket
  • 1-2 long-sleeved shirts + pants 

Fun Extras

  • Floats for the swimming hole
  • Hammocks that you can hang between trees.