If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at crew@honchopgh.com

ATM / Cash?

Honcho Campout went completely cashless in 2019, switching to an RFID wristband system for all official on-site purchases. It was well received, and we are planning major upgrades to the back-end network for 2021 to improve stability and access. You'll have a chance to pre-load your wrist bands with money at check-in, as well as at different locations inside the main gate throughout the weekend. If you need cash for anything else, there are no ATMS on site. Make sure you handle that BEFORE you arrive at camp.

COVID-19 Policies?

We are requiring full vaccination for all attendees, staff, and artists this year. You can read the entire release on this here. A vaccinated crowd at Campout is essential to bringing this weekend back to life. If you’re vaccinated, COVID presents a minuscule risk to you, and you present a minuscule COVID risk to everyone else. If 100% of our crowd is vaccinated, we’ve reached well beyond herd immunity as a group.

  • You must have your final dose completed by August 4, 2021.
  • A photo of your vaccination card, or your state government's official vaccination verification app will be required at check-in in order to be admitted into Camp. We are no longer requiring the actual vaccine card.
  • Masks are not required, but will be respected. Consent is not just sensual.
  • No exceptions on any of this. Please, please double and triple check everything.

Check-in / Check-out?

We are offering early check-in starting Wednesday, August 18 (Noon – 10pm). This is a great option for those who want to scope out the perfect campsite, take a little extra time decorating their camp, center themselves before the madness ensues, or better yet arrive early and volunteer to help with set-up. Whatever your reason; a Wednesday Check-In Pass is required and covers your additional day of camping and use of the facilities. These passes are sold out, and you will not be allowed on to the grounds without a Wednesday arrival pass.

Music programing begins on Thursday, August 19 at 10:00am and ends Sunday, August 22 at midnight.

Check-out happens no later than Monday, August 23 – all campers must vacate the grounds by 11am. No exceptions.


Four Quarters is as automobile free as possible. Upon arrival only, you are allowed to drive into camp to unload. Thereafter you must return your car to the main parking area. Be considerate, unload quickly, and then immediately move your car to parking so you do not create traffic jams. Parking is $20 per vehicle, and you can pay it with your RFID wristband during the check-in process. We will not be accepting cash payment for parking this year.

UPDATE for 2021: there will be no car camping anywhere on site.

Where can I camp?

Almost anywhere, first come first served. We have primary camping spots marked on our Campout map, which you'll get a copy of at check-in. We ask that folks refrain from camping in New Camp, as it's not quite ready for you to stay the night (unless you're dancing).

Bonfires / Grills?

Bonfires are permitted at camp sites and around camp in general. Four Quarters loans fire rings (required) and sells firewood at the Coffee Dragons near the Medical tent. You must use a fire ring if you’re creating a fire.

Four Quarters does not provide grills. Small camping stoves / grills are permitted.

Direct shipping to Four Quarters?

Yes, you can order online and direct ship to Four Quarters. Packages can arrive on or after Tuesday, August 17th. Please use the following template when addressing your label:

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
c/o Honcho / Your Full Name / Day of Arrival
e.g. c/o Honcho / Sharon Clark / Wed
190 Walker Ln
Artemas, PA 17211

Drinking water?

Four Quarters water is fed by a spring. Tested weekly, it has been given the highest purity rating by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Leave the bottled water behind and reduce your plastic consumption. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle / jugs to refill at the many drinking water spigots around camp. We will have improved daytime and nighttime wayfinding this year for easy navigation to water.


No electricity will be provided. External batteries are highly recommended. Battery and solar powered devices are the way to go. Please do not be the annoying person with a gasoline powered generator at your campsite.

Hotel (near Four Quarters)?

The nearest hotels can be found in Hancock, MD (closest, but few options), and our old favorite, Breezewood, PA. But why would you do this?

Do you have ice for sale?

Four Quarters sells bagged ice at the Coffee Dragons next to the upper shows and Stone Circle.


Four Quarters Farm has a no pets policy.


We’re bummed that you won’t be able to join us, however, all sales are final. With that said, we have a waitlist of folks who are looking for tickets, and we will try our best to arrange a resale for you. Just fill out this resale form. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to resell your tickets, but we will do our best. The cutoff for resales is Saturday, August 14. After that we will be busy on-site building the festival and will not be able to facilitate any more changes.

 Rideshare? (East Coast / Midwest)

As in previous years we have created a rideshare sheet to assist campers who need a ride to camp, or who can spare a seat in their vehicle. This document can be found here, and there are separate tabs at the bottom where you can request a ride or share a ride.

Trash Policy?

Four Quarters is a leave no trace venue, just like Burning Man. Waste bins will be placed throughout camp – please use them. Our Site Maintenance volunteers will be servicing the bins. There will also be a large dumpster accessible for use upon arrival/departure. All attendees are responsible for their trash. Please keep your camp clean. This includes cigarette butts. Anyone caught flicking cigarette butts will be punished – you are risking future use of the venue for all of us. Remember, the only trash is you.