Now Accepting Volunteer Applications

Many of you have expressed interest in contributing to Honcho Campout, and we'd love your help. It takes almost 200 volunteers to make Campout a reality each year. Volunteers must already be a Campout ticket-holder, will be compensated at an hourly rate ($10/hour) once shifts are completed. We kick you a little cash, and you meet us halfway, giving a little bit of your time to help make this thing awesome. All volunteers are required to contribute a minimum of 8 hours.

Volunteers lifting a unicorn floaty

We will need help before Campout

  • Want to arrive to camp early and get your hours out of the way before the party starts? We need help with setup.
  • Dates: August 15 - 17

During Campout

  • You can't arrive early, but you want to help us while you're there.
  • Dates: August 18-22

and After Campout

  • You want to help us strike, put Campout into hibernation until 2022, and get your hours in after you've had your fun.
  • Dates: August 22-23 at Four Quarters
  • Dates: August 24-26 in Pittsburgh