Visual Artist Applications Open

We're looking for experienced traditional and non-traditional creatives to help realize the visual experience at camp. If you can conceive of a creative vision and bring it to life on budget and on time, we are looking for you! Whatever mad path you take to get from point A to Z is up to you. If we've piqued your interest, click here to check out the full job requirements. 

Volunteer at Campout 2021

Many of you have expressed interest in being part of and contributing to Honcho Campout. We will be opening up applications for volunteers on June 1st.

It takes almost 200 volunteers to make Campout a reality each year. We need you and your mad skills to pull this off. Volunteers must purchase a ticket first and will be compensated at an hourly rate ($10/hour) once shifts are completed. We kick you a little cash, and you meet us halfway, giving a little bit of your time to help make this thing awesome. All volunteers are required to contribute a minimum of 8 hours.

Volunteers lifting a unicorn floaty

We will need help before Campout

  • Want to arrive to camp early and get your hours out of the way before the party starts? We need help with setup.
  • Dates: August 15 - 17


  • You can't arrive early, but you want to help us while you're there.
  • Dates: August 18-22


  • You want to help us strike, put Campout into hibernation until 2022, and get your hours in after you've had your fun.
  • Dates: August 22-23 at Four Quarters
  • Dates: August 24-26 in Pittsburgh