Ticket Resale Exchange is Closed

August 5, 2022

Honcho's Ticket Exchange is Now Closed

We’ve worked hard to facilitate over 100 ticket resales while the Ticket Exchange was active. Unfortunately, we’ve also reached the end of our 600+ person waitlist with no more buyers present on the list. Because of this, we’re not able to help with any further resales. So, we’ve made the decision to close the ticket exchange. At this point 100% of our energy needs to be focused on making sure the event is produced correctly...it's crunch time!

There will still be people looking to buy tickets, but it will be far more effective to advertise amongst your friends and via social media. When you find a buyer, you can update the name on the ticket by accessing your My Tickets page. From there, go to the “Order History” tab and click on the Honcho Campout 2022 event. After the section to “Edit Order Name,” the names on each ticket should be listed. You can then update the name on that ticket to whomever you want. In addition, adding their email also adds them to the Campout specific distro list. More information on this can be found here.