Get tested at Central Outreach and receive $100 RFID credit to spend at Campout

June 29, 2021

Get an STI test or the COVID-19 vaccine at Pittsburgh’s Central Outreach, and we’ll give you $100 to spend at Campout.

That’s right, you can receive a $100 credit on your cashless RFID wristband to spend on anything at Campout by getting an STI test from Pittsburgh's Central Outreach. The process is easiest if you live in Pittsburgh or are passing through town sometime this summer, but we also now have a way for out of towers to claim this spending cash as well! Here's how:


  • Head to any Central Outreach location (Pittsburgh North Shore is likely the most convenient), and do a walk-in STI test or the COVID-19 vaccine, Mondays through Fridays.
  • Tell the tester that you are going to Honcho Campout, and that you’d like to receive the $100 credit. They will give you a voucher with a unique code to bring with you to camp. Do not lose this voucher, you need it!
  • When you arrive at Campout, you’ll have a chance to pre-load your wristbands with credit before you get onto the grounds. Hand them your Central Outreach voucher, and voila. $100. If you lose your voucher, we won’t be able to give you the credit so please keep it safe.
  • Unused credit after campout is non-refundable.


  • Head to and press the "Consult Now" button on the main screen.
  • Fill out the intake form. Towards the bottom, put "HONCHO" in the Referral Code section.
  • Prep2Me will reach out to set up a telemedicine appointment with their nurse practitioner.
  • After the telemedicine appointment, a home testing kit will be mailed to you. Once that is returned to them, you'll receive your voucher in the mail.
  • Bring your voucher to the gate with you at check-in to have your $100 added to your wristband. We cannot add your value without your voucher, so don't lose it!