Get tested at Central Outreach and receive $100 RFID credit to spend at Campout

July 29, 2021

Get an STI test or the COVID-19 vaccine at Pittsburgh’s Central Outreach, and we’ll give you $100 to spend at Campout.

That’s right, you can receive a $100 credit on your cashless RFID wristband to spend on anything at Campout by getting an STI test from Pittsburgh's Central Outreach.


  • Head to any Central Outreach location (Pittsburgh North Shore is likely the most convenient), and do a walk-in STI test or the COVID-19 vaccine, Mondays through Fridays.
  • Tell the tester that you are going to Honcho Campout, and that you’d like to receive the $100 credit. They will give you a voucher with a unique code to bring with you to camp. Do not lose this voucher, you need it!
  • When you arrive at Campout, you’ll have a chance to pre-load your wristbands with credit before you get onto the grounds. Hand them your Central Outreach voucher, and voila. $100. If you lose your voucher, we won’t be able to give you the credit so please keep it safe.
  • Unused credit after campout is non-refundable.