COVID-19 Updates

2020 Ticket Decision Form is Live


FIRST: Please read the full press release below BEFORE filling out this ticket form. All refund details are spelled out and it's important for you to know what your options are. If you're already clued in, carry on:


Your response is due by June 4, 2020, otherwise you will not be eligible for a refund.

Rona and Nora walk into the Hemlock Hole bar...

Photo - Jan-Tosh Gerling

Campers, it is with a heavy heart that we must postpone Honcho Campout to August 19-22, 2021 due to COVID-19. This was a difficult decision and we are thankful to our staff, medical advisers, Black Radish Kitchen, and Four Quarters for their support as we navigate this process. We will continue with our original 2020 plan, just on the new date. Same incredible music lineup and staff. We’ll just have to keep you waiting a little longer on that artist announcement. Before we dive into all the details, we’d like to ask everyone to manually join our new email list. This will ensure that we stay connected, and our future emails aren’t landing in your spam or being rejected by your email service (this has been happening.)

Your health is our first priority and it has become evident over the past month that it is impossible to safely produce Campout. Even if a treatment or vaccine were to emerge tomorrow, it is too late to change things in our favor. Our community is international, diverse, and we all share a responsibility to limit our movements and protect those amongst us that are at-risk. Many of us are unemployed and finances are strained. Postponing now allows us to offer refunds sooner rather than later, and halt any additional production spending that we cannot recoup. 

Over the next week, ticket purchasers will receive an email from ShowClix linking to a form you must complete. If you purchased tickets for multiple campers, please coordinate with them to complete your decisions together. Any decision made regarding tickets will be applied to all tickets within an order. ShowClix does not have the ability to refund some tickets within an order, but roll others forwards. If you are participating in the Payment Plan; all future installments have been paused until 2021. Here are your options regarding tickets:

  • Roll Forward, 2021:  Honcho will roll all your tickets within an order (GA Ticket, Early Arrival, & Meal Plan) forward to 2021. Choosing this option covers our expenses to date and helps ensure the viability of Campout in the future. For folks with unfinished payment plans, we have paused upcoming payments, and will restart these at a future date (likely early 2021). You will have a big heads up on this once we’ve landed on new payment terms. 
  • Full Refund : Honcho will issue you a full refund for all tickets purchased (GA Ticket, Early Arrival, & Meal Plan).
  • Partial Refund & Donation : Honcho will issue you a partial refund for all tickets purchased (GA Ticket, Early Arrival, & Meal Plan) and a portion (specified by you) will be donated to Honcho to help cover our Campout expenses to date.

You will have two weeks to respond and then refunds will be processed by ShowClix. All refunds will be returned to the original purchasing card.

The current state of life has challenged all of us to rethink and reinvent. Honcho is no exception and we have several alternative projects in the works. First up, we’ve got a big-screen A/V collaboration between Honcho and LA-based video artist Kevin Ramser. This will premiere in July. We are excited to share this and more projects in the coming months. 

We know this is painful, it hurts to make this call ourselves. Make sure you are getting outdoors this summer and doing what you need to keep your spirits up in a responsible manner. While we have to hit pause for a bit, know that eventually we will pull out all the stops and welcome you back to Hemlock Hole. We love you. We miss you. Stay healthy, and continue to take care of each other. 

- Aaron, Clark, George & Michael

And a music offering we've been sitting on to help ease everyone's pain today:
Midland's 3-hour Hemlock Hole set from Campout 2019.

Photo by Jan-Tosh Gerling

April Update


Hey Campers, we hope everyone is staying comfortable, safe, and healthy during this lockdown. We also hope you’re taking it seriously – the faster we can clear this thing, the faster we can get back to dancing together. On that tip, we wanted to give you an idea of where our heads are at regarding Campout 2020.

As of now, our whole team is working on Campout as if it’s going to happen. We understand that everything has been thrown into the air, and we are building multiple backup plans to make sure this thing survives, whether it happens in 2020 or not. Continuing work on this is giving us much needed sense of purpose at the moment.

The health and safety of this community is priority #1, and we will be watching developments closely alongside the staff at our venue, Four Quarters. If we end up having to cancel, we will have a flexible plan ready, with options, for folks who have purchased tickets.

Note: If you haven’t arranged your campout travel yet, most airlines are offering fully flexible fares for any flights bought this month (United & American must book by April 30, and Delta is offering it on tickets purchased by April 15). Prices are also 50-70% cheaper than normal. If you have the cash on hand, it may be a good time to grab your flights. You can always reuse the flight credit for something else if we have to cancel.

For the time being, we won’t be making many festival announcements via social media, but we will still be quietly rolling info out. The latest information can be found at, and we’ll be releasing a fully new site in the next two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled there and on the message board for updates.

Finally, we want to be transparent that even if we have to cancel, we have money tied up in Campout that we cannot recover. Our purchasing of infrastructure has already begun, and will have to continue through summer if we want a chance at successfully throwing this thing. If you are in a position to lend some support during this uncertain period, we would be grateful. Most of us are dealing with a full loss of work at the moment. Donations can be made to the following PayPal account: Please send these as a friend (a gift, not for a business or service) and leave the note “Campout 2020 Planning” on the transaction.

Take care of yourselves through all of this. Talk to friends, make art, learn new skills, STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY. We look forward to floating with you at Hemlock Hole again soon ❤️

Thanks to Ryan Michael White for the photo.