The Meal Plan by Chef Kate Romane & Black Radish Kitchen
We're pleased to welcome Black Radish Kitchen this year, where Chef Kate Romane will be designing a meal plan. $140 gets you six locally-sourced meals across four days, with both meat and veggie options. You can buy tickets here (must purchase by August 3). Meals will be served at the Pavillion – take a look at the camp map on the Venue & Travel page. 

The meal plan and à la carte menus can be found here.

Dining Pavillion

Friday Dinner (5pm-7pm)
Saturday Brunch and Dinner (10am-12pm / 5pm-7pm)
Sunday Brunch and Dinner (10am-12pm / 5pm-7pm)
Monday Brunch (10am-12pm)

Bar Program & Snacks
Also joining us to run our beverage program will be Derek Burnell of Round Corner Cantina and Umami in Pittsburgh. Beverages will be available for those 21+, cash and card will be accepted. The bar locations will be at both the Stone Circle Main Evening Stage, as well as the Hemlock Hole Daytime Stage. 

There will also be grab & go sandwiches and other snacks from Black Radish Kitchen available at our bars, as well as outside of the Black Radish Industrial Kitchen near the Dining Pavilion. 


Anything else, we suggest bringing it yourself. Make sure to pack a large supply of water, fruit, nuts, granola bars, stuff that will keep you going. You can cook on campfires or bring a small grill, but there aren't grills scattered around. Firewood for purchase and fire rings are available from Four Quarters. You must use a fire ring if you are building a fire. Ice will also be available to purchase from Four Quarters for those wanting to keep stuff cold in a cooler. You can bring your own alcohol for afterhours, your camp site, or any other areas without bars. 

This is a 100% Leave No Trace Event
We must respect Four Quarters Farm and keep this clean. All attendees are responsible for carrying their trash with them until it can be thrown away at their sites or at the stages. This includes cigarette butts. Anyone caught flicking cigarette butts will be punished, and is risking future use of the venue for us. Don't be slobs. Keep it clean. Use your pockets. 

Remember, the only trash is you.