Frequently Asked QUEsTIONS

What are the dates? 
The main music stages begin at 10am on Friday, August 18, and end Monday night, August 21. Final check-out must happen on Tuesday morning, August 22. 

We know you didn't ask this, but we're placing it here because this is important. Four Quarters Farm is a 100% leave no trace venue, just like Burningman. All attendees are responsible for carrying their trash with them until it can be thrown away at their sites or at the stages. This includes cigarette butts. Anyone caught flicking cigarette butts will be punished, and is risking future use of the venue for us. Don't be slobs. Keep it clean. Use your pockets.
Remember, the only trash is you. 

What is the process for buying a ticket?
We have created a payment plan this year to let people pay this off in pieces. Here is the process you need to follow: 

  • Step 1 (MANDATORY ASAP) - Campout Ticket - $100 per person
    Purchase a Honcho Campout ticket for $100. This is the main thing you need to do right off the bat in order to confirm your place for the weekend. Attendance will be capped at 500 this year. We will be selling tickets at the gate, but you're better off planning ahead. When you buy ahead, we can do a better job planning for your arrival and presence. 
  • STEP 2 (MANDATORY - You can do this online or at check-in) - Four Quarters Camping Fee - $65 per person
    This is what they charge us per person to host the festival for the weekend. This includes your tent camping costs, and there are no daily charges like last year. When all is said and done, the $165 final cost is the same that the Campout was last year.
  • STEP 3 (OPTIONAL by August 4) - The Meal Plan from Chef Kate Romane of Black Radish Kitchen - $140 per person, includes 6 meals. 
    Four Quarters Sanctuary is a very natural experience, but their site includes a large industrial kitchen, and we're going to put it to work. Honcho is proud to announce that we'll be working with Kate Romane of Pittsburgh's famed e2 restaurant, as she brings her newest project to camp – Black Radish Kitchen. The meal plan is $140 and includes six meals during the campout. You can read more about this on our Food & Beverage page

Will there be any other food options than the meal plan? 
Honcho and Black Radish Kitchen plan on offering simple a la carte options at the bar areas and outside of their kitchen near the Dining Pavilion to fill the gaps. If you're not doing the meal plan, we suggest that you still bring a decent amount of food so that you don't need to rely solely upon the a la carte options. We hope to post example items here about one week prior to camp.

Will tickets sell out?
We currently have a strict limit of 500 campers. Buy in advance and there won't be an issue. 

I have an extra ticket and need to get rid of it, or my plans have changed. Help? 
We have created this form where you can find a buyer for your extras. We cannot offer refunds, but we can transfer them to new folks. 

Are women allowed?
Yes! Our previous location carried on a 20 year tradition of being a men only resort, however, Four Quarters allows us to open up to all people and aliens.

Can we bring pets? 
Four Quarters Farm has a no pets policy.

Can we keep our cars at our campsite? 
Four Quarters is as automobile free as possible. You are allowed to drive into camp only to unload during your first arrival, and then you must return your car to the main parking near the front gate. Unload only, and do not set up until you have returned your car to main parking.  You have 5 minutes to unload so you do not create traffic.

Is there electricity for camp sites? 
No. Battery packs, power bricks for phones, battery and solar powered devices are the way to go. There are also a ton of solar powered lights out there for not much money. 

Can we build fires? And are there grills?
Yes to fires! No to grills. Four Quarters sells firewood at the Coffee Dragons stand near Village Green (as well as ice, coffee, and mead). They also loan out fire rings. You must use a fire ring if you're creating a fire. There are no grills scattered around, so bring a charcoal or gas grill if you plan on cooking with that method. You can also piece together this $2 charcoal grill from the dollar store. 

What about drinking water?
Four Quarters has tons of it, tested weekly, fed by a spring. It (and the natural stream) have been given the highest purity rating by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Leave the massive amounts of bottled water behind, and just bring jugs to refill at the many drinking water spigots placed around camp. Bottled water creates trash. And remember, the only trash is you.

Where can I stay in Pittsburgh? 
We have a flat $99 rate at the heavily queer Ace Hotel Pittsburgh using rate code "HOTMASS" when booking on their website. If you want to stay closer to Megabus, Greyhound and Amtrak, we suggest using and restricting your search to the downtown area. If you want to know about hotels in other major cities, you'll need to ask somebody else. 

Where is the nearest hotel? 
The nearest hotels can be found in Hancock, MD (closest, but few options), and our old favorite, Breezewood, PA. 

How much money do I need to bring? 
Assess your camp lifestyle. Did you buy the meal plan or will you be buying a la carte food? Will you be buying drinks at the bars? How long will you be there? Overplanning is better underplanning. We will not have an ATM on site. 

I'm on the East Coast/ in the Midwest and I assistance getting to Four Quarters. What should I do?
If you are in driving distance of Four Quarters you may be in luck! We've created a Rideshare sheet to assist campers who need a ride to camp. The following sheet has three main tabs: People looking to hitch a ride, Drivers from Pittsburgh who have room in their vehicles, and East Coast/Midwest Drivers who have room in their vehicles. This is a great way to meet new people and a way to help make sure everyone gets to camp safely and on time! 

Click here to view the sheet.