Channeling 2017

2017 was a transformative year for us and last year's campout changed all of us in many different ways. To commemorate last years experience, we asked our artists from last year to pick one song that they heard over the weekend that struck a cord.  After compiling the list, Aaron Clark took the task of creating a mix that tied all of these together.  We also have tracks selected by the artists, as well as, a short reminder as to why the track stuck out.  Click the link below to listen:


Ryan Smith played Alien Alien feat. Igino - Perfidia

“I started my mix with this in the woods.  It's from my friends Alien Alien who produce amazing slo-mo music.  It's a bit haunting and a perfect sound for a gay, witchy rave in the woods.  I came with the vision of playing very slow as a means of waking up the tired bodies and minds.”




Brian Bohan played Laksa - Like It’s 99

Chosen by Eris Drew (Chicago)
“Brian Bohan played this one. It was in my bag, and we listened to it on the drive in. I picked it because I had peaked in the river, and danced naked to the forest insect spirits while it was on. It was a special moment.”



Jackie House played “Toresch - Comida Para Todos”

“Picking music for a wooded setting is a dream. For this set, I knew I wanted to create a sound that could be simultaneously futuristic and native feeling. Something that fit the setting of being far from buildings and where being nude was no big thing. Shying away from tracks that are insensitively appropriative was a goal and this track felt like the perfect blend of punk rock and druggy in the woods versus culturally insensitive conga loops.”





Ariel Zetina played Ballast - Heliotrope (Botaz remix)

“Such a beautiful contemporary club music track. I played this as well. I come to this track for the synths but I stay for the crazy breakdown with the high little "WOOP" sound. I had a long conversation with Mike Rehrig at Honcho about his Jock Jams parties he DJs and he talked about putting in a 'banana peel slipping" WOOP sound effect in his sets, which is such a genius thing to do in a serious Berlin scene. When I was playing this track, I was like...oh, I have a banana peel slipping track”


Octo Octa played Lee Genesis - Ya Can’t Separate Me (I’m Determined)

Chosen by Marke B (San Francisco)
“A flawless, mostly-vinyl classic house set from Maya lit up the Stone Circle with some deep-purple soul vibes on Friday night, right after Honcho's bouncy, open-armed welcoming moment. These were songs that I've heard for more than two decades and that have become such a part of me they're like phantom limbs. I've discovered them, lost them, had them return to me in several formats, relived them in the strangest places (like, say, a plinth-lined interfaith sanctuary in the Appalachians). The chorus of this one often pops into my head and pushes me forward, and I felt nothing but joy seeing Maya rock tunes like this from the decks.”







Brian Bohan (from In Training, Cleveland) played Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence

“My final track from our set on monday night. I had been in a weird headspace much of the day, asking myself lots of weird, difficult questions about where all of this queer DJ shit is going and if what i am currently chasing actually amounts to any sort of life. stuff we have all been through. This community is so strong and beautiful, but am I fucking up by not following the path i was told i was supposed to follow? is this all going to collapse out from under me one day and leave me destitute? does this country or planet even have a future that i am currently failing to plan for? how many remaining beautiful experiences do any of us have left in the chamber? this track just laser blasts all of those nagging questions out of my skull and leaves me in a sparking, static-electrified heap, sore and thankful.“










Baronhawk Poitier played Mvula (Bag Fries)


Carlos Souffront played Coil - Glowworms Waveforms

“I got to play an ambient set with Ian Clark, which was a rare and wonderful moment in itself, but getting to drop one of my favorite Coil pieces was an extra special treat. For me this song perfectly reflected a summery, nocturnal and funny moment of psychedelic dislocation that Open Haus was for me that night.”



Dorisburg played Oni Ayhun - OAR001

“I played this at the Stone Ciricle, and then heard it again at the hemlock hole on monday evening when Kiernan Laveaux of In Training played it. So, we got two nice moments with this one”.





Carry Nation played Goldie Redemption

While dancing with Hannah Holland at Glastonbury to Goldie on an excursion in between our various sets at Block9, we heard him play a track that sounded way more House than Drum & Bass, and it kinda blew our minds. We figured out it was from his new album, but actually really an odd section of a 20 minute track. We sat down immediately to make this re-edit, and when thinking about Honcho campout, it was the only track we were certain we would play. We planned nothing else ahead of time...



Tommy Cornelis played Capricorn - 20Hz

“For our TNX set, I had been sitting on this track for a minute, saving it up to play just for campout. It's this pretty bizarre track with thunderous drums leading into melodic acids moments, and I wasn't totally sure if it would go off. But then Carlos Souffront found me afterwards saying, "How the hell do you know about that Capricorn 20hz song?!", and I had no worries. One of those top DJ moments for sure.”    





Geoffrey LaRue played Alisabethe Jergens - Supernatural Woman

"I’m always up for a new adventure so I was very excited when it was announced that camp was moving away from the mountain and into the forest. What a thrill it was to feel transported to the kind of world seldom seen outside 19th century American landscape paintings, to get lost in the moment as so many talented, witchy womyn practiced their craft, and, of course, to make new friends.

On Friday morning, I introduced a few of my favorite witches to the watering hole and although Pamala Stanley’s “Rhiannon” was more popular, Alisabethe Jergen’s “Supernatural Woman” is the one whose spell on me can never fade. To put it in her own words: "How do I write in a paragraph who I am, how I feel, where I've been and where I want to go? I don't! I can't! The waste paper basket gets full. Instead, you put down this cover, turn down the lights, put on the record, and let the music start. Dance if you feel it, but don't forget to smile. For behind all my words and breaths, you'll be able to feel a little bit of me, at least for awhile. You'll find me right behind "that feeling" that makes you smile.

Lady Fingers played 10cc - I’m Not In Love

"I finally had the chance to play a long time favorite of mine as I was asked to transition into the quieter Open Haus afterhours sets. The song’s bass drum sound that was created “very soft and more akin to a heartbeat” seemed appropriate to tone down the night.. that and just the fact that it was only one of the best songs ever written seemed to fit perfectly with my concept of chill.  The older peeps seemed to have a moment of nostalgia and absolutely loved it. The younger ones seemed both intrigued at this phenomenal song and disappointed that the thumping of the kick was coming to a brief end.”


Keenan played Demuir - Luvin’ to Nothing

“This is a house track I would play if people came over to the house. I thought it would be perfect because the Open Haus afterhours had that living room / house party feel to it.”


Eris played The Cyclist - Born In ‘92


Aaron played Mor Elian - Sparkle Tube mixed into Move D - Taps Aff for Glasgow

“I chose these two tracks as a package, because this particular mix was the turning point for me during the weekend (and summer). We went into throwing the whole Campout weekend not knowing what was in store. Would the vibe of the first two years move successfully to the new space? Were we in over our heads this time and about to fuck the whole thing up? Would  this going to be the last year? There was so much pressure on us, and for whatever reason, Honcho slotted ourselves into the main area on Friday night, too early in the weekend. We weren’t even done building out certain stages at that point, and the stress levels were off the chart. I had to drop what I was doing after looking at my watch and realizing we were on in 20 minutes. I ran over there, met Clark Price, started playing tunes with him while downing some wine to calm myself a bit. Finally, this moment hit where I brought the thick bass line in from the Move D track over top of the Mor Elian. Right as that happened, I caught Brett LaBauve (Babygirl) and Vicki Powell (Deep South) shooting me a shit eating grin from far across the dance floor. All the stress rushed out of my body in an instant, I finally smiled, and I knew we were going to pull this thing off. It was the first real moment of confidence in all of our third year decisions.”


Jarvi played Marilyn - Them Are Us Too

Chosen by Shane, Kiernan Laveaux
“This track has followed me through so many levels of my life throughout the past two years. I first met Cash & Kennedy aka Them Are Us Too when me and Aerin (Mx. Silkman) were out in LA on a semi-ill fated gig trip (one for a DJ gig and one for a show for her old industrial project. No one came to the DJ gig we did but Cash & Kennedy were one of like 10 people showed up and watched us rock it on virtualdj, and we quickly realized we were all on the same level of weird genderqueerness, something I had not experienced with much of anyone else in my life yet. As Aerin and I got swallowed whole by the horror and wonder of  LA, we also ended up going to see Front 242 and hung out with Cash and Kennedy a bunch more. I came back from the trip low on energy but was blown away by Them Are Us Too's album upon my return, specifically the catchiness of this track. Later, as Them Are Us Too embarked on one of their only U.S. tours, we went to go see them play in Pittsburgh and hung more/solidified friendships/talked about life etc. and made plans for them to come play our party in Cleveland next time they were in the region. I stayed in touch with both of them, talking to Cash semi-frequently about music/having me come play in Oakland with her as she was beginning to DJ, trans girl stuff, and the future of Them Are Us Too. The last conversation I ever had with her was me asking her for the lyrics to Them Are Us Too's album and specifically this track "Marilyn", as the lyrics I could decipher struck a chord for me, and still do. Fast forward some months to December of 2016 and I find out she was one of the many talented people pronounced dead in the Ghost Ship fire that broke out during a party on December 9th. She was 22, only a year older than I am now, and I miss her every day. Anytime I am attending something like Honcho Camp I think of her, and the queer family (specifically trans family) that is able to be there with me. My friend Jarvi played this track to end their set (whom I also met only weeks before I met Cash two years ago), and it would take an essay twice this long to begin to explain what an impact they've had on my life. Both of them are people who have made me feel like this world is not so unrelentingly cold and awful at some of the lowest points of my adult life. This track has followed me through so many moods and relationships that it feels beautifully planted in my brain, and is a reminder of how far I've come and how some love never has to leave you. "How could you seep into my heart?"


Alien Alien feat. Igino - Perfidia
Loose Life (Roman Flügel Remix)
Coil - Glowworms Waveforms
Oni Ayhun - OAR001
Sparkle Tube
Move D - Taps Aff for Glasgow
Toresch - Comida Para Todos
Beatrice Dillon - Halfway
Laksa - Like It’s 99
Mvula (Bag Fries)
Goldie Redemption
Ballast - Heliotrope (Botaz remix)
Capricorn - 20Hz
Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix)
Fleeting Moments of Freedom (Woo)
Kevin Over - Easy Duke
Lee Genesis - Ya Can’t Separate Me [I’m Determined]
Souldynamic feat LT Brown - Body Music (Mark Grant’s)
Demuir - Luvin’ to Nothing
Ron Trent & Chez Damier - Untitled
Jesse Pearson & Rod McKuen, "We Two Boys Together”
Shackleton - You Bring Me Down
Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence
The Cyclist - Born In ’92
Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version)
Alisabethe Jergens - Supernatural Woman
10cc - I’m Not In Love
Marilyn - Them Are Us Too