Calling All Visual Artists

Honcho Campout is looking for experienced traditional and non-traditional creatives to help realize the visual experience at camp. If you can conceive of a creative vision and bringing it to life on budget and on time – we are looking for you! Whatever mad path you take to get from point A to Z is up to you.

Must be able to….

  • Conceive of creative concept(s) that are visually stunning and function. 
  • Clearly and concisely communicate their vision and how they will realize.
  • Manage sourcing and ordering materials.
  • Manage a budget.
  • Manage production and installation (we will provide volunteers to help).
  • Command space with their vision (impact and/or scale).
  • Communicate regularly on Slack and Hangouts.
  • Commit a chunk of your time and talents from April to August.

Skills / Temperament:

  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Flexible / Embraces Change & Challenges as Opportunities
  • Construction / Fabrication / Installation
  • Organized
  • Professional

Share with us:

  • Name, Prefered Pronouns, Email, Phone #, City & State, and Current Occupation 
  • Relevant Skills
  • examples of relevant personal or client work
  • Portfolio: Sketches, Photos, CADs, 
  • Site specific proposals
  • Anything inside or out of the box that shows a creative vision and the skills to bring it to life. 

Get our attention. Surprise us. Make us question your sanity! Please compile a single pdf attachment for your submission. Submit to by April 1st, 2020.

📸 Tom Slazinski, Ryan Michael White, Vovotte Reto Verso, and Erin Keefe